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Denise Reed

Ready to Lead from Day One

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Ready to serve...

Prepared and Qualified: Ready to Lead from Day One

Making a real difference in our community by creating positive change in public safety, health disparities, and economic development.

As the next Councilmember for the Ward 7, I am not only uniquely qualified, I am prepared to take on the responsibilities of the office on day one. I’ve served as Director of Communications for 3 Council Chairmen and Chief of Staff for one Ward 7 Councilmember.

Where I Stand...


--Let's invest in community policing initiatives, expand youth programs, and provide resources for rehabilitation and reintegration.

Economically Sustainable Planning and Zoning

– We need smart, sustainable planning and zoning policies to support economic growth while preserving our community's character and quality of life.

Affordable Housing

–I pledge to make affordable housing a top priority, ensuring that every member of our community has a safe and stable place to call home.

About Denise...

I am a known leader with an extensive list of successful collaborations and coalitions organizing and promoting community initiatives and I humbly ask for your support and your early vote on May 26 June 2 Or On Primary Day June 4th

Denise learned about the debt of service at an early age, as she became a gold star daughter at

age 6 when her Dad was killed in Vietnam. As in a number of households throughout the city,

there were many many challenges faced by her mother in raising Denise and her brother. This

is why Denise has a passion for families as uniquely defined by each and every Ward 7

household; encompassing their struggles to survive the realities we face just to maintain a

decent quality of life and the dreams of a pathway to thrive. This has defined her life’s work of

linking those necessary resources to fit the need.

As the next elected representative for Ward 7, Denise is not only the face and story of a proud

Ward 7, she is fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of Councilmember on DAY ONE:

Denise REED began her career in public service as a staff assistant with Senator Barbara A.

Mikulski and soon realized that her true and conscious passion was to serve the District of

Columbia. That’s when she volunteered with the 1993 special election campaign for Chairman

of the Council of the District of Columbia. This led to her being hired by the winner and

ultimately serving as Director of Communications for three D.C. Council Chairmen —David A.

Clarke, Linda W. Cropp and by Mayor Vincent C. Gray. She also served as Chief of Staff for

Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous. Her experience in the financial cluster includes all-

encompassing knowledge of the city budget, finances and economic development from her

public affairs work in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and expertise in public safety from

the DC Fire/EMS Department as Senior Public Information Officer, including her in-depth

expertise in criminal justice matters serving the Court Services and Offender Supervision

Agency (CSOSA) in the Office of Legislative, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs. Additionally,

she was the Public Information Officer for the DC School Board, served as an Advisory

Neighborhood Commissioner for 7B01 and was a Mayoral appointee to the Human Rights


“My wealth of knowledge and commitment to our community is unmatched! I would be honored

to transfer these skills to continue to serve and enhance our Ward 7 communities.“

Currently, Denise is the National Committeewoman for the DC Democratic Party, Life Member

of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a proud graduate of Towson State University

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